The process is a generic description of a production process and may vary in different manufacturing companies.
Order of activities described may also differ from how this is done in your business.

Production includes the following sub processes:

  • Schedule, prepare and facilitate production
  • Conduct production
  • Palletization and storage
  • Logging traceability information

Areas affected by and subject to guidelines from STAND are:

  • Assessment of the shelf life of the raw materials included in the production and determination of total shelf life of finished products, type of shelf life date and assessment of the possibility of dynamic shelf life
  • Valid pallets and requirements for these
  • Packaging requirements, all packaging levels
  • Traceability requirements for raw materials, input factors and finished products
  • Requirements for product labelling of Consumer Units (CU),  Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) and Distribution Unit (DU), content and placement of label
  • Requirements for the construction of the Distribution Unit (DU)
  • Use of intermediate pallet sheets
  • Use of plastic wrap for securing the pallet through the value chain