Ordering and delivery

The process is generic and describes the following points:

  • Order from distributor and delivery to retailer
  • Communication and data exchange including service level
  • Order routine and data exchange for products with short shelf life
  • Forecast and deadlines

Order from distributor and delivery to retailer (A6-A10 in timeline)

Distributor will order no later than Tuesday in U-3 to meet expected needs – for pipeline fill and sales in start-up week.

If both parties wish for a different order flow, deviations may be agreed, however, obligations are in accordance with volume confirmation A4.

Fig. 274

The order is based on the chain planograms and / or other systems.

The order’s pick-up / delivery time shall provide the supplier with the maximum amount of time required to ensure total coverage and possible discrepancy while safeguarding the cost-effective flow of products to the distributor.

Current deadlines are available in section for downloads.

The supplier and the retail chain shall keep each other updated in all circumstances that may be relevant for successful assortment change.

Sales and inventory data are made available as soon as they can be communicated.

Target measures

Service Level – for wholesaler and retailer – are measured and exchanged.
For definition of service level refer to Service level – Purpose, types of target measures and assumptions with any clarifications in the retail chain / supplier agreement.

In case of significant deviations in service levels, assortment coding and forecasts are therefore natural reference points.

Order routine and data exchange for products with short shelf life

All new products follow common routines for filling of shelves.
For products with shelf life less than 60 days, the wholesaler order(s) will meet the fulfilment requirements and expected supplement to the store the first sales days, rarely more than 6 days.

The wholesaler will give the supplier access to data showing the number of stores per retail chain that has sales on the current item and the number of Consumer Units (CU) sold (POS), accrued and accumulated.
Data is delivered in the first 8 weeks after launch.

The supplier is expected to have high readiness for implementing any measures to ensure continuous delivery capacity.