The Grocery Suppliers of Norway (DLF Norway) is a non-profit trade association that provides a joint forum for manufacturers and suppliers of branded products.

DLF Norway has over 100 member companies that together cover about 95 % of the turnover of branded goods in the grocery and food service sectors in the Norwegian market.

Our main fields of activity:

  • Industry-trade relations
  • Competition and market issues
  • Logistics and supply chain efficiency
  • Standardisation and value chain cooperation
  • CSR and Public Affairs

Our mission statement includes five main elements:

  • Enhancement and understanding of good business practice
  • Professional cooperation for efficient infrastructure
  • Good regulations for fair and effective competition
  • Balance of power between retailers and suppliers
  • Favourable climate for growth through innovation and category management.

The Grocery Manufacturers of Norway is a member of the European Brands Association AIM (Association d’Industries de Marque), aim.be.


For more information: www.dlf.no