The Standardization Committee for the Norwegian Retail Industry (STAND) represents the retail industry through the trade organizations Norwegian Grocery Sector’s Environmental Forum (DMF) and the industry through the Grocery Suppliers of Norway (DLF).

STAND was established by the industry parties and will prepare and monitor the necessary solutions and measures that contribute to the efficiency, rationalization and optimization of the goods flow, and to ensure that these are implemented. This applies to all conditions that affect the flow of goods (data, databases, information, products / goods, GS1’s standards, packaging, pallets, transport, tracking, etc.).

STAND is established with the purpose of making the value chain to the consumer more efficient and cost effective, and is legally binding only when referring to these guidelines in commercial agreements between supplier and customer.

The guidelines have been prepared for use in Norwegian retail. For use in other channels (convenience, e-commerce, catering), this must be explicitly agreed between the parties.