Why has the website changed?

STAND wants to reach out to even more users. STAND has therefore conducted a project to make the recommended standards and guidelines easier available. This is all about making them more relevant, easier to understand, easier to live up to, but also to present them on multiple platforms and in other forms than today. The new website is designed to be an interactive tool with a greater amount of searchable information, and available on alternative platforms such as PC, laptop and mobile phone.

What’s new in STAND?

The old recommended standards and guidelines have been rewritten. They are now sliced into logical / themed parts and placed into a process-oriented structure, where they naturally belong. For users, this means that everything that relates to a particular process is now collected in one place.

Each part of the standards / guidelines are interactive where you can navigate from a high level to a more detailed level, are searchable, and can be downloaded as pdf documents.

Additionally, a set of animations has been developed. Some animations are aimed to simplify understanding of a particular process, while other animations explain overall what STAND is, what is important when you want to live up to STAND, or to give an overview of a process.

STAND is now available in English!

The new name to the full set of recommended standards and guidelines is STAND Framework.

Are there any changes to standards / guidelines after migration to the new website?

There are no changes to the meaning and understanding behind the standards / guidelines. The only change is how the standards / guidelines are presented to the user.

Do STAND’s standards / guidelines always apply to everyone?

It is strongly recommended that the recommended standards / guidelines are complied to by everyone who belongs to the STAND target group, but in order to be legally binding, the standards / guidelines must be included as part of the commercial agreements between the parties.

Where can I find the old pdf standards / guidelines?

The old standards do not exist any longer, as they have been rewritten. But you can take out PDFs with the rewritten standards / guidelines. They are published under Downloads. There is one pdf per process and subprocess. The PDFs have the same content as the website for a specific process / subprocess.

When are the dates / deadlines for launches decided, and where are they published?

Deadlines are decided in STAND in December each year. These are the deadlines that apply for the 2nd year ahead. Example. Date of launches for 2020 is decided in December 2018.

Dates for current and next year launches is published on the website under Downloads in the Process Assortment.

Is Sales pallet / Promotion pallet / Display pallet / Exposure pallet no longer part of the  recommended standards / guidelines?

They are included but have a new single name Promotional Unit.