308 Tracking


Areas affected and covered by STAND guidelines:

  • Background to the guidelines, what is the target and who is the target group
  • Laws and regulations that form the basis of the guidelines
  • The requirements for tracking, tracking information and labeling
  • Which product areas the guidelines apply to
  • Design and content of a risk analysis
  • How internal recall / withdrawal preparedness procedures can be built up
  • Routine when registering an incident or crisis, in the Tradesolution ReCall portal
  • How a product can be traced in the value chain

The guidelines are to be understood as recommendations based on best practice.

The parties may refer to the guidelines in their commercial agreements. The guidelines will then form part of the legally binding agreements between the parties.

Any deviations from the guidelines must be specified in the commercial agreements.

The guidelines have been drawn up in collaboration with DMF Trygg Mat, and DLF LK, working group for RECALL, and are the industry’s interpretation of existing laws and regulations.

Published on: 27. September 2019