143 Requirements specification for reusable 1/3 plastic pallet (from NLP)

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Requirements specification for reusable 1/3 plastic pallet (from NLP)



  • Weight
    • The weight of the pallet shall not exceed 8 kg


  • Max load
    • Dynamic load: The pallet must handle a load of at least 200 kg according to the requirement of immersion, see dimensions at maximum load, last point
    • Static load (on floor): 400 kg


  • Dimensions at maximum load
    • Maximum outer dimension (LB) 403 x 803 mm
    • Minimum outer dimensions (LB) 397 x 797 mm
    • Height: 130-160 mm
    • Tunnel opening: 100-140 mm
    • Tunnel opening: Reduction of the top deck at weight load shall not be less than 100 mm


  • Material
    • The material must withstand handling at +40 ºC to -35 ºC
    • The material must be HDPE or other materials of equivalent strength and life span
    • The material shall have properties that ensure that the pallet is resistant to stretch and deformation within specified temperatures throughout the lifetime of the pallet
    • Fire classification must be specified
    • The heavy metals (Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Chromium) in the colouring pigment should not exceed 100 ppm
    • The pallet should be washable and 100% recyclable


  • Characteristics
    • Friction on the top of the pallet, underneath and below the skids / legs should be such that the pallet works with a normal handling of products with different material types such as plastic box, corrugated board, wooden pallet, half pallet, quarter pallet, 1/1 pallet, 1/3 pallet etc
    • The friction must be constant during the lifetime of the pallet
    • The norm for friction is EUR wooden pallet


  • Marking and traceability
    • The pallet must be marked with the manufacturer, material, production time, recycle symbol, and who owns the pallet
    • The pallet shall be marked with a logo or other markings visible from 2 sides


  • Handling the pallet
    • The pallet must be handled from both sides, as well as work with fork lifts and automatic warehouse handling systems
    • The pallet will work in standard pallet turners, pallet stackers and pallet magazines


  • Design
    • The pallet must be designed so that no pockets can collect dirt, water, etc. This is to minimize the risk of bacterial collection
    • The pallet must be designed for cleaning with pressure wash and / or immersed in
    • water
    • The overall environmental impact of the pallet / material must be documented
    • The load deck / top deck shall be flat to avoid damage to products and to make manual handling easy
    • The colour of the pallet must be neutral
Published on: 31. July 2018