120 Create documentation, send and receive Despatch Advice

This sub process describes the requirements, recommendations and guidelines STAND has, which may be relevant for the preparation and transmission of documentation for a given delivery.

Essentially, this is related to the Despatch Advice and how it is used for Standard pallets, Mixed pallets, Promotional Units and Customer packed pallets, for these forms of distribution:

  • Distributor deliveries
  • Deliveries direct to retailer
  • Crossdock deliveries


The areas described are:

  • General information about requirements for delivery documentation
  • Use of EDI in the retail trade and how EDI can be implemented
  • Requirements for design and content in Despatch Advice (Message description)
  • EDI exchange agreement and how this should be used, to document interaction related to the exchange of the Despatch Advice
Published on: 8. October 2018