119 Picking, packing and labelling of the delivery

This sub process describes the requirements, recommendations and guidelines STAND has, which may be relevant for effectuate and prepare delivery to customer.
This includes picking of products, packing and labelling of delivery, ready for pick-up / shipment.

The areas described are:

  • Assessments related to shelf life
    • Assessment of total Shelf life on a product with an allocation table
    • Execute customer order related to product shelf life
    • The establishment of bilateral agreements for the assessment of shelf life
  • Packaging / palletizing
    • Requirements for the design of Stock Keeping Units (SKU) and packaging, with the modular system, case fill rate and top load labelling system, as well as special requirements for products and pallets in order for this to work in the distributor’s automated warehouse
    • Requirements for the design of the Distribution Unit (DU) and palletization
    • Placement of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) on pallet
    • Valid pallets and requirements for these
  • Labelling requirements
    • Purpose of labelling of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) and Distribution Unit (DU)
    • Product information on Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), with example of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) label
    • Guidelines for labelling of Stock Keeping Units (SKU)
    • Product information on Distribution Unit (DU), with example of Distribution Unit (DU) label
    • Labelling of transport information
    • Guidelines for labels on Distribution Units (DU)
    • Bar code requirements for labelling with GS1-128 on Distribution Unit (DU)
  • Traceability of delivery
    • Requirements for traceability of products and the product areas covered by this
    • Requirements for traceability information and labelling
    • Alternative ways to track and trace a product in the value chain
  • Transfer of responsibility for a product at Ex Works delivery terms
Published on: 31. July 2018