108 Assortment

STAND Assortment describes recommended activities, processes and deadlines at assortment changes in the different profiles in the various retail chains.

In general,  new products should be launched in L1 and L3. Regarding relaunches, minor changes and selected big news, products can also be launched in L2 by agreement with customer

It is a united request from both grocery suppliers, distributors and retail chains that the actors jointly contribute to the most effective processes in implementing assortment changes.

The purpose of the standard is to help maintain the flow of products, avoid empty stock in the value chain and reduce costs, return and obsolescence.

This can be achieved by:

  • Collaboration and openness in the implementation of assortment changes
  • Clarity regarding responsibilities and deadlines
  • Precision in forecasts
  • Clear rules for deviation management

The standard includes the following sub processes:

  • Master data registration and product presentation
  • Listing, all information attributes, forecast and delivery
  • Ordering and delivery
  • Product images and control measurements
  • Routine for delays
  • Evaluation

The deadlines are scarce, and in order to achieve successful assortment range changes, it is very important that the recommended standard timeline and deadlines are followed.

A prerequisite for success is the following guideline for the work:
Get it right the first time – on time

Watch an animation about the main aspects of Assortment here

Published on: 27. July 2018