105 Producing

This sub process describes the requirements, recommendations and guidelines STAND has, which may be relevant in production of a product to be traded in the grocery industry.

The process includes producing the product (Consumer Unit), packing it to a sales unit, usually a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), fully packaged and labelled.

The areas described are:

  • Total shelf life of the product
  • Possible use of dynamic shelf life
  • Traceability requirements for raw materials, input factors and finished products
  • Labelling of traceability information on Consumer Unit (CU) and Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
  • 2D-labelling on Consumer Unit (CU)
  • Labels on Stock Keeping Units (SKU)
    • Content, and which information that should be in the bar code on the label
    • Placement
    • Requirements when using GS1-128
Published on: 27. July 2018