102 Development of a product

Suppliers are encouraged to work closely with packaging suppliers and customers in developing new products.

Areas affected by, and subject to guidelines from STAND are:

  • Optimization and requirements for design of Consumer Unit (CU), Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) and Distribution Unit (DU) with accompanying packaging materials
    • The modular system
    • Case fill rate
    • The top load labelling system
    • Automatic warehouse at distributor – increased understanding of depalletization process
    • Checklist
  • Valid pallets and requirements for these
  • Labelling requirements
    • Purpose of labelling of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) and Distribution Unit (DU)
    • Product information on Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), with example of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) label
    • Guidelines for labelling of Stock Keeping Units (SKU)
    • Product information on Distribution Unit (DU), with example of Distribution Unit (DU) label
    • Labelling of transport information
    • Guidelines for labels on Distribution Units (DU)
    • Bar code requirements for labelling with GS1-128 on Distribution Unit (DU)
  • Shelf life
    • Determine total shelf life of a product and labelling requirements
    • Allocation of shelf life between the players in the value chain
    • Use of dynamic shelf life
    • Bilateral agreements for allocation of shelf life
  • Traceability of a product
    • Guidelines for traceability, recall and withdrawal
    • Requirements for traceability of products and the product areas covered by this
    • Requirements for traceability information and labelling
    • Alternative ways to track and trace an item in the value chain
Published on: 27. July 2018