318 Prepare a Contingency Plan

Prepare a Contingency Plan

If unwanted incidents or crises occur, it is important to be well prepared.

Possible scenarios for what might arise should be thought through and how this should be handled.

A Contingency Plan must be prepared that will allow you to cope with the situation quickly, correctly and effectively. The Contingency Plan must be accurate and accessible to all involved at all times.

The Contingency Plan includes:

  • To designate a crisis team, responsible for traceability, recall and withdrawal.
  • Internal and external contact lists to quickly reach everyone involved or affected by any incident or crisis
  • Training and exercises in the company’s routines and instructions on how to handle incidents or crises. Exercises should be as realistic as possible and carried out with the closest business partner in the value chain
  • This must be easily accessible and may consist of, for example
    • a brief overview of crisis teams with their roles and responsibilities
    • the company’s internal guidelines for handling incidents / crises
    • contact lists
    • other relevant documentation that is important to have access to should an incident or crisis occur

See more about the Contingency Plan hereĀ Design and contents of a Contingency Plan.

Published on: 27. September 2019