317 Prepare a Risk Analysis

Prepare a Risk Analysis

At the heart of the legislation is the duty of each company to carry out a risk analysis of the health risks the products represent and how the company will relate to this in terms of traceability.

The purpose of the analysis is to reduce / prevent risk through

  • Withdrawal of products from the market, or
  • Efficient notification or recall of products from consumer

This assumes that the parties are aware of the risks the products may pose and have a preparedness that ensures that they react quickly, correctly and effectively in unwanted incidents. A Risk Analysis should therefore be performed on new products based on an intended relevant incident, so that it can be implemented as quickly as possible should a real incident occur for the product.

The risk analysis consists of three elements that both the government and industry should work on in an equal way:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Communication

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Published on: 27. September 2019