188 Routine of unannounced delays

Routine of unannounced delays

Any delay must be notified immediately with the information available at the time of notification. Message must be sent to the department of category / purchase and department of logistics.

  1. Notification of postponement after U-6, or at delays longer than Monday U1, is handled by routine for unannounced delays.
  2. The products can be ordered according to plan.
  3. The supplier confirms reduced delivery capacity for regular order confirmation in U-3, (A6.1 in timeline)
  4. Customer may determine any delayed delivery date at the latest in U-1. Customer can be released from assortment obligation (A3 in timeline)
  5. Assessment and decision on response if deviations occur are handled by the individual retail chain.
Fig. 274
Published on: 9. August 2018