187 Routine at delays

Routine of notified delays (A7 in timeline)

Any delay must be notified immediately with the information available at the time of notification. Message must be sent to the department of category / purchase and the department of logistics.

  1. Supplier confirms delivery capacity of complete delivery in U-6. If the supplier is not able to deliver, is currently notified new delivery date, (same to all customers, given compliance with other deadlines)
  2. The supplier confirms the final delivery date in U-3. Actual postponement / postponed launch time should be equal to all customers, given compliance with routines / deadlines in this standard. Volume is distributed based on supplier’s forecast to chain timeline A4. Time deviations that do not affect product at retailer Monday week 0, must be resolved. If the delay exceeds three weeks, ie longer than Monday week 1, the routine applies to unannounced delays, see below.
  3. Deferred delivery date is considered in order sent in U-3 (A6).
  4. The deferral is dealt with in the evaluation of launch, bilaterally between supplier and customer.
Fig. 274


Published on: 9. August 2018