183 Forecast and delivery confirmation (A4 in timeline)

Forecast and delivery confirmation (A4 in timeline)

In the case of inventory-managed in-phasing, the replacement product will most often have the same sales volume and profile as the outgoing product. There will normally be no need for own forecasts but close dialogue about in-phasing time.

With time-managed in-phasing, the forecast is divided into three and determined by the supplier:

  1. Pipeline fill
    Calculation based on customer information about listing / number of locations (warehouse and shelves) and amount per location cf. timeline A3. 2.
  1. Consumer purchases
    Expressed as the number of Stock Keeping Units (SKU) per week given listing.
  1. Campaigns
    Retail chains wishing to carry out campaigns on new products follow the retail chain’s regular deadlines regarding. script, forecast / pre-order.

Supplier must confirm delivery capacity in U-6.

Fig. 274

Tradesolution has developed a portal for the exchange of sales forecasts between supplier and distributor, initially for new launches and assortment changes.

REMA and COOP use this solution, while Norgesgruppen / ASKO uses its own supplier portal.

Example of screenshot from the forecast portal

Fig. 275
Published on: 9. August 2018