174 Placement of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) on pallet

Placement of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) on pallet

It is a prerequisite for maintaining strength, that Stock Keeping Units (SKU) are placed within the edges of the pallet with a small margin.
Devices placed on or outside the edge can cause damage with subsequent reduced carrying capacity / risk of injury.

The pallet area should be utilized as best as possible with products. By following the

Modular system

To ensure efficient utilization of production facilities, transport, storage and retail systems, etc., all packaging levels – Consumer Units (CU), Stock Keeping Units (SKU) and Distribution Units (DU) must be adapted to the modular system.

The modular system is based on physical goals; length, width and height.

The starting point for the modular system is a Basic module.
This has the dimensions; 600 mm * 400 mm and must be adjusted to a height as one Standard pallet (this amounts to 1050 mm ex. pallet, 1200 mm incl. pallet.

When optimizing an existing product, a deviation of a maximum of 49 mm is allowed.
This allows a total height including pallet of 1249 mm.

Fig. 262

Example of optimized pallet with base module 600 x 400 mm

Examples of sizes that are widely used on Stock Keeping Units (SKU), and which are customized to basic modules


optimal use of the pallet is ensured and reduces the risk of the load shifting during transport.

Overhang is not accepted.

Published on: 9. August 2018