146 Requirements specification for 1/3 and ½ disposable cardboard pallet

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Requirements specification for 1/3 and ½ disposable cardboard pallet


Disposable 1/3 and ½ pallet in cardboard is not an approved pallet in the Norwegian grocery industry and must be agreed bilaterally if it is to be used

  • The size of 1/3 pallet, Gross size: 400 mm x 800 mm
  • Size of ½ pallet, Gross size: 600 mm x 800 mm
  • The pallet must be made of a type of cardboard material, which can be recycled together with the shop’s other cardboard / corrugated board
  • The height from the floor to the bottom of the pallet must be 10 cm, corresponding to the EUR pallet requirement, so that all types of forklifts and hand pallet trucks will be able to handle the pallet, with or without cargo, as on a EUR pallet
  • The pallet must withstand a load of 250 kg and be able to withstand sideways loads.
    It must withstand that heavier products are stored for a period of time without changes in form and be “compressed”. (Deflection test should be completed before final production).
  • The underside of the pallets must be resistant to “scrub driving” onto the trucks and it must withstand moisture
  • A non-reusable pallet in cardboard is expected to be an activity pallet, where the use of hand pallet truck on the short side can be avoided
  • The surface of the pallet must not be so slippery that the products slip off. There should be some arrangement that prevents this. The pallet must be designed so that the pallet can be plasticized with stretch film all the way down to the skids
Published on: 31. July 2018