145 Requirements Specification reusable ½ wooden pallet

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Requirements Specification reusable ½ wooden pallet


Recycled ½ pallet in wood is not an approved pallet in the Norwegian grocery industry and must be bilaterally agreed if it is to be used

Size, Gross size: 600 mm x 800 mm

  • The pallet must be made of wood material that is dimensioned for reuse, which means that skids and plaits must be made of ¾ – 1″ boards (1.9 – 2.5 cm).
  • Height from the floor up to the bottom of the pallet must be 10 cm, corresponding to the requirement for the EUR-pallet, so that all types of forklifts and pallet trucks will be able to handle the pallet, with or without load.
  • The bricks on the pallet must be placed so that the hand pallet truck can be used both on the short side and the long side.
  • The skids should be designed in a way that makes it easy to pull the hand pallet truck over them without damaging the pallet or the hand pallet truck get stuck.
  • The pallet must be so strong that it does not give more deflection than required after the ISO 8611 test. (Deflection test, where accepted deflection limit is 26 mm, based on test descriptions given).
  • The pallet must withstand a load of 500 kg.
  • When installing a pallet, use screws or nails that do not loosen and damage the products on the pallet.
  • The surface must not be so slippery that the products slip away from the pallet.
  • The pallet should not weigh more than 10kg
Published on: 31. July 2018