144 Specification for reusable ¼ plastic pallet

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Specification for reusable ¼ plastic pallet


Reused ¼ pallet in plastic is not an approved pallet in the Norwegian grocery industry and must be bilaterally agreed if it is to be used.

Requirements specification only applies when a return system has been established for such pallets.

  • Size, gross size
    • 600 mm (exposure front) x 400 mm
  • Load weight
    • The pallet must withstand a weight of 200 kg
  • Storage
    • The pallet must be at a size that 4 pcs. can be placed on a EUR pallet when placed in a stall / automated warehouse
  • Design
    • The pallet with skids / blocks must be such that it can be handled by forklift and / or hand pallet truck
  • Friction
    • The pallet must have continuous friction without friction coating so that the products do not slip off
  • Pallet deck
    • The pallet deck should be flat and adapted to attach to film strapping
    • Ventilation through the deck to avoid condensation
  • Cleaning
    • The pallet should be easy to keep clean, without collecting residual water
  • Colour
    • The pallet should be of neutral colour, so it appears as clean and attractive in the store
  • Material
    • The pallet must be made of a material that meets the environmental and producer responsibility requirements and does not contain heavy metals
    • Fire classification must be specified and any UV stabilizer to be defined
    • The pallet must be recyclable
Published on: 31. July 2018